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Online personal training for busy women and mums who want to feel strong and fall madly in with their bodies. Methods backed by science and rooted in selflove.

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custom meal plans

Custom built meal plans that do exactly what their suppose to – taste really damn good. I personalize these plans based on your exact goals, activity levels, current eating habits and appetite.
My goal is that you never ‘diet’ in the same way at again and find total food freedom. How delicious does that sound?


personal training plan

Our solution to exercising anywhere, anytime. A fully personal training plan catered to your lifestyle. So, whether you’re a busy babe who likes to sweat it out in the comfort of your own home, or a gal trying to kick gym anxiety to the curb with our self-love strategy to weightlifting. Your custom plan is sure to unearth your inner badass and have you feeling stronger in both mind and body.


dedicated tracking

I’m here to hold your hand and after your initial goal setting call, I’ll be here to monitor your progress every single week. You can easily track workouts anywhere on our app. I will adjust and tweak things along the way to ensure your achieving your fullest potential.


always connected

You’ll have me in your pocket as your 24/7 support, directly through our app. No question is a silly question and I’ll be able to provide you with the top tips and motivation you need so that you feel super confident achieving your goals.



Charly at home with a picture of her daughter Zia

Hey Beautiful. My name is Charly, I’m 23 and I live in the city of Glasgow in Scotland with my little monster (toddler) Zia.

I’m a Level 2 and 3 Personal Trainer and Online Coach with CPD’s in Pre & Post Natal, Gym Based Boxing, Circuits & Spin.

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of women step into their power and take the reins of their own health and wellness journey using methods that are backed by science but rooted in self-love.

I have a HUGE passion to empower mums and busy women to pursue a fitness journey that truly supports their unique lifestyle. 

Fitness passion came to me after I became a Mum. I had always hated fitness and exercise throughout my childhood. I was always the kid who would hand in a note for PE and avoid any sport at all costs. I had a story in my head that fitness and exercise didn’t ‘suit me’ and wasn’t my thing. The idea of stepping into a gym was laughable. I came across very confident in other areas but I harboured a lot of self limiting beliefs and low self confidence around myself and my body.

Becoming a mum to Zia was the most magical experience but unfortunately all these fears were heightened and I decided something had to change. That’s when I started the gym and found a new world of health and fitness. My confidence, discipline and overall health improved as I started to develop healthy habits in my day to day routine. I totally TRANSFORMED my body, my mind and overall happiness as a result.

It’s my goal to help other women have this transformation in both their body and mind to become the most glowing, amazing version of themselves.

I’m committed to helping as many women as I can fall head over heels in love with their body (and get a little sweaty too)

When you learn to
love yourself
everything changes.

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